About Us

The Seinn music project was launched in 2013 as a joint initiative of the Diocese of Killaloe and Limerick to promote liturgical music in second-level schools in the two dioceses. The programme ran for two years, 2014 and 2015 in it’s original format. Seinn 2016 will have a  slightly different focus and will only take place in the Killaloe Diocese.

The aim of the programme is to provide RE departments with a resource of liturgical music for use at various school celebrations and by extension it teaches and promotes good liturgical music which will be of benefit to parishes. 

The first Seinn event was held on the campus of the University of Limerick in April 2014.  It was a day of exploring and celebrating our faith through music, and most importantly it was great fun for all the students who participated and enjoyed by all those who attended the concert.

Seinn 2016 will comprise of four main areas.

  • A programme of music of 14 songs, mainly drawn from the past 2 years’ programmes.
  • Providing some catechetical background to the songs as well as sample prayer services for different times of the year and specifically a liturgy for use in the schools on the theme of “Year of Mercy”
  • Ian will visit each school in the Diocese and present a days workshop/retreat to the students.
  • Four workshops for choirs be organised throughout the diocese to promote and teach the Seinn 2016 programme and encourage its use in parishes.

A further step in making the connection between school and parish will also be encouraged. This could involve parishes organising some events in which local schools will actively be encouraged to come together in a parish church (with the local music groups) for a liturgy which would involve the music of the Seinn programme. This could be the Year of Mercy liturgy offered at Parish level.


To celebrate and keep the tradition of previous years alive we will hold two concert events in the Diocese in April, which should be seen of the culmination of the elements mentioned above and not the sole focus of the programme. These concerts will take place in Ennis and in Nenagh.

We strongly urge you and your school to get involved in this exciting initiative and pray that it will play an important part in enhancing our liturgical celebrations, involve second level students in liturgical music and bring many blessings on our two dioceses.