From the Director

 Welcome to Seinn!  We hope that as you explore our website, you will be able to discover why  Seinn is so very special.

Seinn celebrates all things about liturgical music and young people. Our vision is that in  experiencing the programme young people will be infused with God’s spirit through the gift of  music. Music helps us to express so many emotions and where words fail, music often speaks  straight to our hearts. It is my hope that the music in this programme will touch the hearts of the  young people who will be learning and singing them.

We encourage you to use the music from the programme at your school liturgies and prayer  services and to look at ways in which other classes not involved in the programme could also learn  the music. You might also consider getting involved in music in your local parish. If there is no  music group for young people there then maybe you might be able to help start one up.

Whatever you do though, enjoy the music and I look forward to meeting you all as I travel to each school in 2015/2016.

 Ian Callanan